<p>heyy guys :) okay so Georgia does this thing called GHP (Governor Honor's Program) where, if you make it in, you go to this 4 week camp (FULL PAID) that focuses on the subject that you're majoring in. first off, you need to be nominated to get in, and the subject you're nominated in is your major. i got into biology (im a sophomore, btw) and i LOVE science. i want to be a doctor when i grow up, and, honestly, this would be the biggest thing EVER if i made it in. but idk, im going against AP bio kids that know A LOT MORE than me. AND i took biology my freshman year. which means i havent really had a legit biology class in 5 months. MY INTERVIEWS ARE TOMORROW. I AM SO SCARED. idk how to prep for this. ive been skimming through my notes and my textbook for hours, but im not confident at all. ive heard that most of the time, the interviews are judging passion over knowledge, but idk. idk idk idk. help? :/</p>

<p>I think these programs don't only look for the best people; they look for the best within context. So if you don't know something, come out and tell them that you've only have this much of education, but also try to make the best possible answer with your knowledge base. Good luck.</p>