Got 3s on all my AP tests. What do I do?

So I checked my scores for US History, Eng Lang, and Environmental Science, and I got all 3s with them, which kinda bums me out. I thought I would get a 4 in English and US History. I read that you can report these scores to college admissions, but these seem like they would hurt my chances. What should I do with them now?

I would report any scores of 3 and above, but it may depend upon which schools you are targeting.

I plan on applying to like 8 out of the 9 UC’s and a couple others. No Ivy Leagues or super competitive schools for sure

Report for UCs and CSUs. Don’t report for top private universities unless they require it.

I would also recommend checking your prospective college’s website’s, many universities will have a page discussing what scores on tests they will accept and sometimes even specifically what classes they can be applied to. (ex: AP Lang and Comp = RHET 1301 and 1302) Not every college will include this but it is an option.

Here are a few websites (if you meant University of californias?)