Hamilton College Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Hamilton College offers Early Decision but does not offer Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Early Decision (ED) deadline for Fall 2022 admission is November 15.

All ED1 applications should receive an admissions decision by December 15. Last year, Hamilton College admitted 241 of the 582 applicants who applied early decision. The acceptance rate was 41.41%.

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Anyone already submit for Hamilton ED? I wondering if anyone can confirm if there is the Hamilton Hello optional video like last year. And if the “why hamilton” prompt is the same.

Also if anyone has insight into the total number of ED spots allotted to athletes here, that would be helpful. DD is trying to decide if she will apply ED (leaning towards yes) and she is not an athlete so we’re trying to figure out the admission rate for ED if not an athlete.

Thanks for any feedback!


Hi all -

Daughter was admitted in the ED I round, but as a January arrival. She’s off the hook wrt the ED commitment, and is considering the London program along with other colleges offering fall arrival. Does anyone have any recent experience to share about what that is like these days? Most of the threads I’ve found here are from pre-COVID days, certainly pre-omicron, and a lot of the posts reference older students with no time context… for all I know these kids may have been there pre-Brexit…

I’m curious how hard/ common is it to get around, to say France, Belgium, Ireland, etc? I’ve heard you need a negative PCR test to cross borders, and they’re hard to access… Is the Arcadia program well supplied with test kits to help the kids out?

Has anyone had experience appealing a financial aid package? The spring offer letter was consistent with NPC estimate – but I have a feeling the fall (unsupported by Hamilton) could break the budget… This is our youngest, and we have three in school next year, so we let her ED anticipating outstanding FA for at least one year, before becoming nearly full-pay. Have people found the Arcadia/London cost estimates realistic, especially with respect to personal expenses? If the kids all all go out to restaurants every day to avoid cooking, then the actual cost could be way higher…

Congratulations to all admitted, and thanks in advance for any information anybody can provide.

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Hi. I have some experience with appealing FA. Not to Hamilton, but other schools. I did this successfully with my older son, but my younger son’s situation is more relevant, I think. He applied ED to Middlebury. FA was close but not the same as the NPC estimate. I spoke to FA and then sent an email. We ended up with a better offer than the NPC estimate. So definitely possible and worth trying. I don’t know about fall/vs January arrival though.

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My daughter is on a gap year in Spain and her brother is currently visiting her for the month of January. You do have to test to cross borders in Europe right now so they are traveling in Spain exclusively to avoid testing and the possibility of being stuck somewhere. My daughter had an exposure and was able to arrange testing easily and she is not on a program. I imagine a program would assist with this but definitely ask them. Good luck!

Sent you a DM. Look for the dark green circle on the top right of your screen.

Our son went 4 years ago to London and at that time the London semester (including all expenses) was far, far less $ than a semester at Hamilton.

Thank you for the datapoint, constancia. That is still true, notwithstanding our this-year-only FA situation.

Did you find Arcadia’s cost estimates accurate? How did the students handle meals? Arcadia estimates $2100 for food prepared by the kids, but realistically I bet they go out more often than not.

Good luck to all the EDII applicants today! Anyone know what time decisions are expected to release?

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My daughter was accepted to Hamilton for January next year. She will go to London, I was wondering if you were able to get more info on the program this fall. I did speak to one student who went and just returned in December 2021. He had a fantastic experience, but they were very lucky, had a great window Covid -wise, and left right before Omicron took hold! Thank you.

As one aspect to consider, your daughter may want to take the AP exam in English Literature if she hasn’t already. This appears as a prerequisite for the Arcadia course in Shakespeare (LONS DTSH 280). This course provides a great opportunity to study these works proximate to their settings.


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Congratulations to your daughter!

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The Shakespeare course looks like their premiere offering, and yes my D is in AP Lit. Does anyone know what score they accept ?

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4 or 5.

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You should join the Hamilton parents Facebook page. There are many threads there about Jans, and many parents whose children were Jans previously. You can ask your question there and I’m sure you’ll get multiple responses.

Thanks for the suggestion. I quit facebook several years ago but this might be worth logging in again. I was just saying I should delete my account instead of just letting it sit there and eventually get hacked :slight_smile:

I don’t do Facebook either but I signed up just for the Hamilton Parents page and blocked my profile so nobody knows I’m on Facebook. I just access this page and that’s it.

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