Hamilton Regular Decision

If S/D was accepted regular decision to Hamilton did they automatically get admitted as Jan

No, they are a Fall Admit unless the offer letter says January Admit. I think about 40 accepted students total are offered Jan admission each year.

Thank you for the reply. We are anxiously awaiting for RD day. D has also applied to Swarthmore and Middlebury.

Did anyone else who applied to Hamilton RD this year receive an email asking if they wanted to switch to early decision II? Do they send this to all RD applicants?

@CrazyCatMama - I think that email went out to all RD applicants. My son received one too.

Hamilton Regular Decisions will be released on Thursday, 19 March, 2020, 8:00 pm.

I’m kind of nervous, it seems like the acceptance rate got lower this year.

Decisions come out the 19th right?

Thursday, 19 March, 2020, 8:00 pm.

Yes @hberesford

Does attending the fly in increase the chance of acceptance? Anyone know the acceptance rate of participants from the fly in program?

i’m so excited/nervous for this decision. Hamilton has always been one of my tops, I had a great interview and the extra supplement so I hope that lets me stand out. Hamilton is an amazing school.

I just got another email about the admissions decision date! Can’t wait for Thursday!! (& hopefully I’ll get a package too lol)

Does anyone have messages on their FA portal to send in documents through the IDOC if they haven’t already done so?

Is Hamilton using IDOC now? If so, that’s too bad. My experience of uploading documents directly to Hamilton through their website was positive. I can’t imagine that IDOC would be an improvement on that.

They just started this year and they said only admitted students are required to do this. But, I have messages asking me to upload these docs. Could it mean something?

I would think that’s a good sign…my daughter’s still has the original message “Regular decision applicants will only be required to complete the IDOC process after gaining admission to Hamilton.”

Damn…too bad to say goodbye already hamilton ???

Waitlisted. Full IB student with 3.8 UW/4.3 W GPA and 33 ACT. Got a likely letter from an Ivy, so I won’t be taking a spot. Congrats to all who were accepted!

Waitlisted as well! International student needing full aid with 4.0 GPA and 1530 SAT. (I wrote my complete profile for another reply on the Grinnell thread if anyone is curious). I will also not be taking a spot on the waitlist since I have a scholarship from another school. Congrats to everyone who got in!