Hampden-Sydney Questions.

Can you guys please tell me everything you know about Hampden-Sydney? Is it a strong school academically? What is it like?

My girlfriend’s brother goes there and from what I’ve heard and seen this is what I can say. Academically, the classes are very rigorous. Although it may not be incredibly difficult to be accepted, the classes are challenging. Hampden sydney has a huge alumni base and this has helped her brother land 3 internships as of his sophomore year. It’s location however may not be for everyone. Farmville is very small, and there is very little near the college. That being said there are many great outdoor activities on and around the campus. As far as student life is concerned, it is very unique to many different schools. The school is very rooted in deep southern culture, and it is not uncommon to see a confederate flags in a students dorm. Greek life is also very big on campus. That being said, the times that I have been there all of the men have been very polite towards myself and to all other people regardless of race or gender. The students have a very strong sense of honor and class, and the school will certainly enforce the importance of manners and politeness. To truly understand the nature of the school, I would recommend a visit. Hampden sydney is an absolutely awesome place and I’m sure you will love it!

I graduated from Hampden-Sydney and I’d say @cavalier6 gave a pretty honest description. The classes are definitely rigorous. All students have to pass a rhetoric exam and have to take a group of core courses. The honor code is a big deal, and I’ve seen students get kicked out for cheating. Professors are very accessible and provide outstanding research opportunities. Top high school students can expect generous scholarships.