Harvard 2024 Waitlist Thread

Hi everyone!

Now that Ivy Day has gone and passed, let’s hear how your Harvard waitlist decisions turn out. I applied RD to Harvard but got waitlisted. Let’s discuss the waitlist and how to get off of it!

hey, fellow waitlisted applicant here. I also applied RD.

Hey fellow waitlisters. I was deferred REA without an interview, than I got contacted by my regional AO at the end of January for an interview with them (which really got my hopes up), and now I’m here.

I got waitlisted as well. Pleasantly surprised by it.

I feel like a lot more people are put on waitlist this year, aside from Harvard. Is it because of the virus? Anyone has any stats on the waitlist?

Out of curiosity, how would the virus affect the wishlist size?

Any insight @gibby

Harvard probably knows that with the virus, students will no longer be able to afford the school or will elect to stay closer to home due to all of the uncertainty related to the economy among other factors. They could have made the waitlist larger in order to make sure all bases and every type of student is covered. Obviously that is not an answer that is proven with evidence, but I think that is probably why.

Also I’m waitlisted as well! Applied RD

any other waitlisted international applicants?? i’m from canada :slight_smile:

I’m also waitlisted. When are you guys planning on submitting an additional letter?

What other schools are you guys considering?

Im between Yale or Columbia rn. NYU Stern as well, but I think I’m leaning towards Yale.

If I accept the waitlist, do I have to notify the school I commit to?

USC is probably where I’ll commit to if I get sufficient financial aid.

Any chance waitlist offers start to come out before mid-may? I just saw a thread in reddit, from an admitted UChicago student, saying that in the Class of 2024 Facebook group, 2 people have reportedly got off the waitlist already. Is that standard practice at UChicago, or will many schools release offers prior to May 1?

I think that Harvard does not roll out any acceptances off the waitlist until after May 1st. It’s just a waiting game at this point.

applied rd, and am most likely enrolling at tufts

My kid went through the waitlist process last year. There were waves of decisions over the course of the summer, but did not start before the May 1 decision day. Those accepted off the waitlist had a couple of weeks to decide, so there was a gap between the waves. Good luck!

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My daughter is on the waitlist, but will attend Vanderbilt in the fall is she doesn’t get off the list.