Harvard Class 2025 Waitlist


Lets discuss waitlist about Harvard class 2025 here

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How many are on it along with my marvelous daughter? I sincerely believe every kid is equally deserving.


Does anyone have data regarding how many students were called off WL in previous years?

Harvard has posted its admissions statistics from the 2020 and 2019 cycle on their website. Last year, there were 34 waitlisted students admitted. Two years ago, there were 65.


Did Harvard publish how many were put on WL in the previous years ?

I don’t think so, but Harvard says that they often put 50-250 students on the waitlist. I’m guessing there may be more people on the waitlist than usual this year, due to the circumstances.


Thank you!

DS Waitlisted as well. Does anyone know the deadline for submitting additional material. Thanks.

Sibling deferred REA and waitlisted RD at Harvard! It’s his first choice so he was devastated, but I’ve had a talk with him to lift his spirits a bit. It would mean the world to him if Harvard could accept him off the waitlist, but if it doesn’t work out (it likely won’t given how hard it traditionally has been to get off their waitlist), then I’m sure he’ll be happy with his current option. We’re still planning to submit additional materials soon so that we at least get some closure when they let us know they don’t have a spot for him. :heart:

I think Harvard wants to see only the LOCI. Can we still send an additional recommendation? What other supplements are you guys sending?

Do you think Harvard will take anyone off the WL this year given they are already over-enrolled?

They are not overenrolled. The plan is 1660 plus the 300+ from See that deferred. Whether they take anyone off the WL depends on the yield.


Didn’t they admit a normal class (1968 students)? Add in hundreds of students that deferred admissions last year, I thought that they would be over-enrolled even without going into WL (unless their yield is significantly lower this year). Harvard says “we chose to admit a full class despite the many deferrals matriculating this fall… Harvard is committed to opening the doors of opportunity to all talented students, even if it means confronting the challenge of accommodating more students on campus next year.”

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The total undergraduate population does not increase. C24 + C25 will still be about 1660*2.

How they will house all the C25 students is a question. While there is total dorm capacity, there is not enough room in the traditional first-years dorms.

Oh I see, thank you! That makes my hopes for getting of the WL significantly better (although still very low of course)

I respectfully beg to differ; I don’t believe Harvard explicitly said anywhere that they put 50-250 students on the waitlist. That’s from the top result of a quick Google search (which is taken from a response someone left on Quora), but Harvard has never disclosed how many students they waitlist. If you look at their Common Data Set, the numbers of students that they waitlist and that they accept off the waitlist are intentionally missing. Their peers, Yale and Princeton, put around 900-1200 students on the waitlist in a normal year. 50-250 students would be a ridiculously low number even under normal circumstances, and I’d guess there could be a longer waitlist than usual this year since the yield is so unpredictable.


I think they put a LOT of students on the waitlist. It’s a soft rejection. And while they said that they would admit a full class, that doesn’t mean that they’re going to go to the wait list after having admitted a full class.

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I’m not sure if you meant to respond to me or the person I was responding to, but it was exactly my point that they put many students on the waitlist, way more than 50-250 students that the above person suggested and that there was no telling if they would even get to the waitlist this year. I’m guessing 500-600 normally and maybe close to their peers’ standard number this year. I agree with you totally that waitlisted students should consider it as a soft rejection and prepare to move on even though I’ve personally known quite a few students who miraculously got off the waitlist. It’s too mentally consuming to be waiting for something that most likely won’t happen to happen. I’m pretty sure all waitlisted students will be happy at colleges that do want them. Meanwhile the only thing that waitlisted students (and families of waitlisted students like myself) can do is wait. :slight_smile:


My guess is that H’s waitlist is the replacement list for no-shows among admits. As such, it would be a close copy of its admitted class. In the past I have seen an Asian violinist admit from my area who chose not to go H replaced by another wailistee of similar profile. Maybe it was a coincidence, but it seemed to make sense.

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