Harvard Class 2025 Waitlist

Alright then, thanks for the answer!

Any movement on the Harvard waitlist? Are we expecting any?

we’ll know tomorrow or something. The deadline to reply if offered admission is tonight

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We probably won’t know until mid-May, which is when they start rolling out some direct contacts with waitlisted applicants (there are usually three or more waves, and the one in mid-May is the first). Wishing all of you (and your children if you’re parents) the best of luck! :slight_smile:

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With the many uncertainties there year, we never know. Good luck everyone…hoping the best for you all!

Has anyone called the office? Are there any updates?

If there is an update to your portal in the next week, is it possible it is a rejection? Does Harvard reject off the waitlist, or do you only get notified if you are off?

You only get notified if you are off. At some point you will get a notification that the WL is closed

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I’ve had some people tell me that they were “rejected” (as in released from the waitlist) in early waves in the past years though. Is this true?

When my kid went through this, there were several waves that began in mid May after decision day. Some were explicitly rejected in these waves with notifications that there had been a change in their portal. Those that remained on the list did not receive these notifications. The waves were spaced several weeks apart allowing time for those that received waitlist offers (seemed to be direct phone call from AO) to decide if they would attend. I have no idea what changes if any the COVID era means to the process. Only reflecting in what my kids cohort was like. Good luck.


We’re your children waitlisted for Harvard?


Hi thanks so much for your useful insight. If it’s too impolite could I ask if your kids were moved from the waitlist? Thanks again.

Sorry I meant to say-if it’s not too impolite. Thanks.

My kid was offered a spot in a later wave, but ultimately chose a different path.


Thank you for sharing. I think waiting is a difficult time for parents and students and your prior experience is greatly appreciated.

Yes. Its a very stressful time. I can fully appreciate everything those following this thread are going through. Happy to share my own experience if it sheds any insight at all.


Extremely appreciated, this is torture .

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What wave did your child get accepted?

Its been awhile now, if i remember correctly it was the third. Pretty deep into summer.

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