Harvard Class 2025 Waitlist

So did they tell you that the class was full?

Yeah, says it in the letter.

“I am very sorry to inform you that it is not possible to offer you admission to the Class of 2025. I wish I were writing to report a different decision, but a high percentage of students have accepted our offer of admission and the first-year class is now full…”

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Same news here for my daughter. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for sharing information and wish everyone, parents and students the best with College next Fall. Let’s hope things continue to improve. Thanks again.


The facts of the matter spoke long before that email from Harvard. Try to focus on the positive. I’m sure you have put a deposit down at another fine school, and that you will do very well there. For almost every student who gets rejected from the school of their dreams, the school that they wind up attending turns out to have been the best match for them, often better than the school they didn’t get into. There is absolutely no achievement in life that is closed off to you by not having gotten into Harvard. Look forward, not backwards.


Maybe it’s easy for you to say this since your child may have gotten into Harvard(truly don’t know what the case is). When someone has put in all their hard work and their grades reflect that and the child is forced to go to a safety it’s a harder pill to swallow. I appreciate your wisdom but it is a little condescending.


@parentologist is giving you sage advice. Where you ultimately go to school has little impact on your future compared to how you spend your time and resources there. I certainly hope you did not feel entitled to a Harvard acceptance, as absolutely no one should expect any positive decision from Harvard, or feel like their abilities are reflected by a rejection. You got a waitlist decision, which is an accomplishment in of itself.

I highly recommend reading “Who Gets in and Why.” It explains that college admissions is not nearly as much of a meritocracy as we like to think it is, and provides compelling evidence that the prestige of your school has little impact on your later success in life.

I understand that you feel bitter right now, but there is no need to take that out on folks who are trying to give you valuable and comforting advice.


Many many hard working students with top grades do not get into Harvard. Grades help applicants meet a benchmark, but admission is rarely about grades (or hard work, unfortunately).

Your child must be pretty amazing to have made it to the waitlist, which is truly a “soft rejection.” Congratulations on having a kid with a great work ethic. I hope you can help them avoid bitterness and move on.

Hoping everyone has a school on their list, where they were accepted, and can be happy. There are truly some negatives about a school like Harvard, once there. Maybe that helps.

Every year, some posters try to tell people on the waitlist not to have hopeful angst. And every year there is some backlash to those efforts to help. It is understandable, but painful to see. I just hope everyone feels okay, gains some perspective, and enjoys the next four years.



Gosh! :cold_face: I agree that one should try to make the best of their predicament. However, sometime people just need someone to listen to their perspective… It is not abnormal for folks to be disappointed, sad or angry that this situation did not meet their expectation. Let’s try to be supportive. I wish you all the best.


Its not easy to accept but you don’t have a choice. you were so close yet so far from the Harvard. Covid affected this year big time!!. good luck everyone…

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You are right we have no choice!

Thank you for being wise and understanding!!


any news from Harvard on the waitlist?

The Harvard waitlist closed!

No one got off

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Based on the Harvard public records (1968 admitted, 85% accepted the offer and ethnicity data at ED and at Final), it is not difficult to calculate and find out that 25% Latinx admitted, 20% Asians admitted and 33% African Americans admitted, turned down the offer. I wish Harvard offered at least 1/3 of those spots (293) to the waitlisted applicants at 1st place. What a waste!

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The freshman class is already over-enrolled by approximately 350 students, because they admitted a full class, plus they had 350 students from class of 2024 who deferred. How could they possibly have taken anyone from the waitlist, when they’re already scrambling for space for the freshman students they have coming? Even after they’ve figured out extra dorm and dining space, they also have to find space in freshman level classes for an extra 350 students for this year.