Harvard Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

[parentologist]Respectfully disagree. Not everyone chooses to go to H. They will have room, even if its for one student.

That is called yield and is baked into the acceptances. That is why they accepted 1968 for 1660 spots. But if only 307 decline, they will not go to the wait list except for a specific need.


Are some people turning down their Harvard spots? Just wondering what direction we are going.

Of course some people do turn down Harvard. But this year, because of the 350 students who deferred enrollment a year ago, and because they accepted their usual about 2000 to fill a class of about 1660, they are expecting to be seriously over-enrolled in the freshman class. They have limited dorm space for freshmen, are going to have to scramble for dorm space for freshmen (even though the overall dorm space should be adequate). Not to mention that freshman level classes will be over-enrolled, also.

So try to focus on choosing your best option from where you’ve been accepted, and move forward. The chances of them going to the wait list this year are pretty much nil.

I feel like Harvard waitlist this year was just a soft rejection. They probably knew there was a 99% weren’t going to be pulling from the pool this year, so they waitlisted the candidates that they seriously were thinking about admitting. So I’m taking it as a “close-but-no-cigar” type of thing.

That is the case every year.


True but this year it’s even more of a rejection than usual if you know what I mean

I believe in equal opportunity for all, but 60 % just doesn’t make sense!!

They’re including people of Asian descent as people of color, which is kind of ironic, since it’s pretty clear from what was revealed in the lawsuit (no Asian received a high ‘personality’ score) that the bar is set higher for Asians. Since they take about 25% Asian-Americans, that leaves approximately 35% for URMs.

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That is not only ironic but also cruel. Asian-Americans get the short end of the stick in admissions (as clearly revealed by the Harvard lawsuit). On top of that, admission offices have the gall to include them in POC statistics to advertise their diversity credentials!!


Any waitlist updates?