Harvard Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

This is a safe space for anyone applying to Harvard next year to talk to other prospective applicants. Especially with the crisis that we are in now, numerous incoming seniors may not be able to receive the testing/information that they need for colleges. Not only this, but especially for those applying REA to Harvard, many summer programs have moved online or have been canceled. Whatever happens, we are all in this together. Let’s start planning for the application and good luck to everyone.

Hey! Planning on applying to harvard as well. Thanks for making this thread

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Hoping they adjust to the changes with COVID-19!!


I am planning to apply to Harvard next year as well. I hope we all get in!

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If a significant number of students from the Class of 2024 take a gap year, does that mean that the acceptances for the Class of 2025 will be considerably lower?

Do any of you know when the 2020 supplemental prompts will be released?

yall kinda crazy


Without SAT or ACT requirements what do people think will be the biggest factor in getting accepted ? I know it’s still a 5% chance but will it be grades, ECs, LOC, or other factors. Does anyone really know ? We visited Harvard last year and took a tour. I asked the guides why they think they got accepted and no one really had a good answer.

I know that UChicago said it would try and limit the number of gap years taken to prevent fewer spots in their class of 2025. I imagine that Harvard will try and do the same, so acceptances should stay generally the same

Harvard was anticipating 340 first-year’s to defer. Not sure what is actually happening nor what the plans are for 2025 applicants.

This fall, due to Covid-19, over 20% of incoming freshman (class of 2024) have deferred admission. So, everyone should expect that Harvard will admit 20% fewer students to the class of 2025 . . . meaning it’s probably going to be MORE difficult to get the fat envelope next year. See: https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2020/8/7/harvard-coronavirus-fall-enrollment-numbers/

I disagree with @gibby. They did not pull from the WL to fill those 340 spots. IMO they made the decision to take the tuition hit this year. So while C24 will be 1660-340 students, C25 will be 1660 (target class size) + 340, balancing out.

Of course then they need to figure our swing housing since all those 1st years won’t fit in the freshman dorms.

Applications may rise due to test optional, so the acceptance rate may decline.

My son is Class of 2024, but is not taking a gap year.

However, about 20% of his fellow classmates are taking a gap year. But of those that decided late, they were informed they might not get on-campus housing. So it seems that Harvard is still intending to admit a full class of 2025.

My son also saw no evidence of Harvard pulling extensively from its waitlist during the summer based upon the chat group announcements.

@hebegebe That’s good to know. Did your son apply EA or RD? Have you seen whether there is an advantage to applying EA or RD?

Harvard says there is not and that they would accept the same student whether applying REA or RD. The REA numbers are skewed, in part, because almost all recruited athltetes apply REA.

He applied RD.

Another poster’s detailed analysis of the data that was released by the SFFA lawsuit suggests that there is, in fact, an advantage to applying EA. This is true even after controlling for numerous factors, including preferred admit groups such as athletes and legacy.

Glad to see so many applying to H! I’m a '24 admit.

@RonaldP66 In response to your question, and I’m sure the similar worries of many, the absence of SAT/ACT does not matter as much as you might think. Colleges – top tier universities in particular – use the SAT and ACT as a baseline in academic strength. Still, they have a variety of other sources to base that information – your grades/transcript/GPA, letters of recommendation, and academic achievements outside the classroom.

TO ALL applying to Harvard (or any other top tier university, for that matter): Past the “academic baseline” is where many fail to meet the mark: you MUST demonstrate uniqueness, passion, and leadership, among other personal traits. As a Harvard student and the founder of a top tier college admissions advisory, I urge you to not worry about the lack of SAT/ACT, but rather put your focus, attention, and time in to curating a personal narrative that fits who you are and why you should be admitted. Good luck, and feel free to reach back with any questions!

Ethan (AimIvy)


“…you MUST demonstrate uniqueness, passion, and leadership, among other personal traits.”

Not that simple.

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That really great advice, thank you. I wanted to know of any political groups to join, but had little luck because of covid-19. Is there any you know of, that work remotely. I can help with campaign and such.