Has anyone who applied early round received an offer for admission for 2019 term from HKUST ?

When do they usually send out offers if no one has received one as yet

Hi, I applied early round for 2019/2020 intake. On 20 & 24 dec i received request for additional documents. But i havent receive any offer till now. They usually send out early round offers by 31st Dec. Best of Luck :slight_smile:

I applied for early round too. They said they will send out offer until 31st Dec, that’s only 3 days from now …

‘until 31 Dec’ or ‘from 31 Dec’

Well they said that they are giving out offer till 31 Dec idk if they will continue to offer to early Jan

Im hella anxiousss… No offer yet

Received one yet
Cause I haven’t
Losing hope

I havent as well :((