Have you ever heard of fun. ?

<p>The masterminds who brought the world "We Are Young" and Some Nights". Do you like them? Have you listened to their other songs or just the previously mentioned ones?</p>

Yes, no.</p>

<p>This has been fun.</p>

<p>I’ve heard of fun. It apparently occurs when you are engaged in an activity that stimulates a certain joy from within that is extremely pleasurable. I’ve yet to experience this strange phenomenon, however, as I’m too busy studying for the SATs.</p>

<p>Oh! I see what you’re talking about! It’s that thing where fire burns down the whole town, and there are uranium bombs of some sort present? And there are no survivors? How silly of me; that’s basically antithetical to the definition I previously proposed!</p>

<p>I just recently got into their songs. “We Are Young” is incredibly addicting and catchy.</p>

<p>We are young! So let’s set the world on fi-yah! Fi-yah!</p>

<p>“We Are Young” comes on the radio literally every day when I’m driving to school. Pumps me up for the impending six hours of misery!</p>

<p>I’m happy that “Some Nights” and “Carry On” are better than what fun.'s famous for; a mark of a good band is that their not-so-famous songs are just as good, if not better.</p>

<p>Yeah, they’re pretty good.</p>

<p>^^ That’s definitely true for Foster the People.</p>

<p>They’re too damn mainstream. </p>

<p>I can’t listen to a song that the 6 year olds at my school can bob their head to :P</p>

<p>Six-year-olds can “bob” to Animal Collective or Of Montreal as well. Not sure what you mean by that. FtP aren’t anywhere close to my favorite band, but they are very good.</p>

<p>Some nights is an amazing song, and It Gets Better is actually growing on me too. So yeah, they’re good!</p>