HELP! What are my chances for HKU HKUST CUHK? (and even Singapore)

Hello, I am an international student studying in an American high school outside of the US.

My IB predicted scores are:
Chem HL - 6
Math HL - 6
Econ HL - 7
Lang&Lit A SL - 6
French ab initio SL - 6
Bio SL - 6
TOK/EE - B/B - 2

So total 39/45.

I applied to HKU ibgm and HKUST and CUHK or economics related majors.

I have not submitted any of SAT scores because they were bad - 1370 new sat

Can someone please help me why I am not getting any offer nor interview?
I did a session-like interview at a hotel for HKU. My friends have gotten offers but I am not getting any.


(I am about to call the colleges and what questions should I ask to be implicitly smart?)

@whAtiSlIfE03 your ib grade is way higher than what HKUST and CUHK are looking for, so there should be no problem with your grades…

what is your cv like? they may be looking to see if you have any internship experience or have been part of economics related extra-curricular activities.

if you are really anxious, i would suggest you send a polite email asking for an interview opportunity.

Universities in Hong Kong have a rolling-application process. If you don’t get an offer during January-February, it means that your application has now moved on from the Advanced Offer to Regular Round. Results should come out around May-August.