HKUST 2018 offer

Did anyone who applied through fast track receive an offer from HKUST? I am becoming very anxious cause i have not heard from them

hey @elysianist2800 I also applied through fast track at HKUST, but haven’t received results yet either. Any idea when they start sending out offers?

I messaged them on facebook and they said that all the offer for early application will come out by 31st december. Whoever doesn’t recieve the offer will be considered for main round.
Lets hope we hear from them before 31st. Fingers crossed.
Do you know if any of your friends received the offer?
Btw which curriculum are you studying in? I am in CBSE (Indian curriculum)

hey I did the early application and just received my offer for engineering today, Dec 29th. Just letting y’all know that they’re active and sending out offers!

@co2018engapp which curriculum are you in? and which country?

@elysianist2800 I take the IB in Japan.

@elysianist2800 I haven’t heard of friends who’ve got in yet. I’m applying through SATs. So if you’re deferred to the main round will they still send an email notifying you?

I think we have been deferred to the main round. I am quite sure they won’t keep admission office open one the year end.

I got my offer this morning - applied with German Abitur. I think there’s definitely a chance you’ll still get an early round offer. :slight_smile:

Has the admission criteria become extremely strict?

Um i think they sent all the offers today itself. :((
However only one student from my school got in today. I think the criteria has become very strict now
Anyways congrats @vvs which stream did you get?

I think they deferred me cause my mid term scores were not very good.

Thx! I got into Business & Management. Last year they sent out offers until the 31st, so maybe you’ll still hear from them during the next few days.

@elysianist2800 I’m kinda losing hope now to, but let’s hope for the best! Even if it’s a deferral we’ve still got a chance at main round. Btw, I think it’s probably my school scores that’s hurt me the most too. :((

@vvs what were your 2 choices?

@screennamexxx a friend of mine mailed the admin office and they said that they have started to give the offers for early admission from 29th of december. The rest of the offers under early application will be released from 2nd Jan

My 1st choice was Global Business (I kinda messed up the Kira Talent interview I guess), my second choice was Business & Management.

@elysianist2800 you mean there’s still a chance to receive fast-track offers in January?

Yes! @screennamexxx

Anyone received an offer today ?