HKUST 2019 offer

Has anyone received an offer yet ? I’m so worried right now…

I applied in early round. No offer yet. Im worried too. Best of luck :slight_smile:

Applied for CS major too, when are the early offers supposed to come?

I went for CS as well, havent got one :frowning: Pray

Anyone got 1 yet ? …

What are your grades??

I applied through Vietnamese qualifications and SAT 1440. How about you?

Anyone got one yet?

Not yet… Applied for CS.

I too were hoping for early round. 14 days into Jan 2019 and still waiting. Perhaps its a lost cause. Guys with lesser credentials it with scholarship. results mainly came around 21-24 december. I dont think any decisions will come soon now

If one has applied to more than one course, any chance of getting admission in both? Or if offered one, then second is automatically cancelled?