HKUST 2019

@JamRuru - is it a conditional offer? If yes what are the conditions ?

Its an unconditional offer. They did not specify any conditions at all. I have not accepted the offer yet tho. Im a little confused about it.
Deadline of offer acceptance is 22 Jan.

@JamRuru - have you completed your CBSE 12th standard yet?

@JamRuru - and why are you confused about accepting the offer?

anyone else got offers from the school of business?

i completed standard 12 last year (which means i gave board exams in March 2018). Basically im on a gap year right now. Hkust even emailed me asking for a “Summary of all activities after high school graduation” on 24 dec.

Im confused about accepting offer cuz im having some problem with my parents. When i applied they were expecting i wont stand the competition and wont get an offer.

They want me to pursue medicine. Im even appearing for med school entrance exams in May 19. Im not interested in medicine at all.
On the inside i know that i will accept the offer , but i also dont want to hurt my parents.

@JamRuru I understand your situation . Did HKUST offer you any scholarship?


@mdj177 did you have a video interview with the business school?

Did anyone have an interview with the business school

Did anyone get an offer in business school?

My friends had interviews with the business school. Both are in.

@Lionking123 any idea what the interview questions were

@Lionking123 it would be great if you could find out what they were asked in the interview. A friend of mine just received an invite and is desperate to know.

@Lionking123 please help by asking your friends what the interview questions and posting them here. Your help will be highly appreciated.

@Lionking123 Did your friends apply through SAT scores? What scores do they have?

anyone has a clue what questions are asked by HKUST business school in the video interviews?

@jk179 one question was how do we balance economic development with the protection of our environment.

They most probably would have different questions so just know current affairs I guess