HKUST 2019

Who has applied for HKUST this year? Has anyone got any call for interview?

I have applied ? No call for interview

No, not yet. I applied before the early deadline which means that I should hear my decision result by the end of this month (if they’re not moving me to the main round). And the fact that I haven’t heard about anything from them so far really freaks me out.

Finger crossed. Good luck to y’all.

Hi, applied for GBUS as a non-jupas applicant and got a second round interview next Monday. Do you guys, by any chance, know what kind of interview questions comes out for business programs? thanks and gluck to everyone!

How did your interview go? Did they say when they’ll start releasing results? I applied to business programs as well, and so far haven’t heard anything from them. I’m freaking out.

When I messaged them on Facebook, they said results would come by 31st December, but seeing last year’s thread, offers would probably come in Jan as well for early admission. Has anyone received an offer yet?

Has anyone received an offer yet?

Anyone got an offer yet I’m so so worriedddd :frowning:

Anyone who got an offer??? Im sooo anxious

People from my school have received offers from engineering and business. Still haven’t got my offer rip

What is your friends’ qualifications and score :frowning:

when did they receive their offer?

and what were their scores?

They received offers a while back, around the 21st and on 27th. Don’t know much about their scores but above 40 on 45 pg in IB.

basically means those who have not yet received offers are deferred to main round

@jk179 yeah most probably

Guys I Just got an offer from the school of science. Theyre still sending out offers.

Would you mind telling me what your score is?

Got into T&M DDP - 41 IB offer. I got my offer today, so they’re still sending out offers - keep your hopes up!

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