HKUST interview

I am a student from singapore and i applied to HKUST under their early application round but i have not received an interview offer yet? Has anyone else received it?

Hi. I am from Vietnam. I applied to HKUST at 21/12/2017 (main round) and received an interview offer the following day, 22/12/2017. It is School of Science to be specific.

Oh. I had received a mail to upload my mid term results. After that i have not gotten a word from them.

hey. i applied on 30/11/2017 and received an interview offer today (12/01/2018). so if you haven’t heard back yet i’d suggest waiting a bit :slight_smile:

yeah @ellexxxx. What were your choices?

@elysianist2800 i applied for BSc Economics & Finance and BBA Global Business. what were yours?

@ellexxxx school of business and school of engineering