HKUST offer of admission

Im an international and just received my conditional offer to the BBA Economics at HKUST, but my offer didn’t include any information about financial aid or scholarships. I was wondering if you guys got info about that on your letters, I’m worried because I should accept my offer by 28 Feb paying 2K USD but without full financial aid I can’t attend

Hi! Congrats and hopefully you hear from scholarship department soon. When did you apply? How long it took them to respond you? I applied on Jan 5 and haven’t heard from them?

I applied in 20 Dec.

They confirmed that I didn’t get any financial aid so F HKUST

That sux. Sorry to hear that. I’m still waiting and pretty much running out of patience. Engineering school takes longer as much as I know to get back with a response


What kinds of scholarship that you got for HKUST Engineering ?? Full or Half ??

Only For year 1 ? Or for year 1 to 4 ??

If only year 1, Does any renewable rules for year 2 to 4?