Hotchkiss closing its Summer Music Program?

<p>There's been some chatter on social media today with a rumor that Hotchkiss will not have a chamber music program in their Summer Portals this year. The student musicians that the program attracted were amazing, and their weekly concerts in the music hall, with spectacular outdoor views and well known musical artists who performed with the students, were events that many people from the surrounding area attended. I will be very sad if the program doesn't continue. </p>

<p>My DS applied to Kiss this year and included a music submission. He then received an email announcing this coming summer’s chamber music portal…maybe three weeks ago. So as of then, it was definitely on and I’d be surprised if they discontinued it.</p>

<p>hope so…</p>

<p>hope they continue it! lol</p>

<p>It has been confirmed that the chamber music program is not going to happen this year… I will really miss those wonderful concerts… :(</p>

<p>Is hotchkiss’ music program good?
(Especially the violin and orchestra lol.)</p>

<p>Honestly, every school is going to tell you their orchestra is good. You need to really look into the programs and, more importantly, you need to personally check them out when you visit. They are NOT all the same. If you do summer music camps or have other opportunities to meet high quality musicians from different schools, you can also ask them what their experience has been. </p>