How Do I Change My Username?

When you first create an account on College Confidential, you have to create a username. By default, if you use your Google or Facebook account, your username will include your first and last name. That is not recommended on CC, so here’s how you can change it:

1. Click on your profile circle in the upper right. Click the little person icon.
Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 3.50.08 PM

2. Click on Preferences.

3. Click the little pencil next to your username.
Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 3.47.34 PM
:bangbang: If you don’t see a pencil, it means you are out of the initial 60 day window to change your username. Send a private message to an admin (like me), or email to request a username change. Be sure to include what you would like it changed to.

4. Enter your new username and click “Change”

All done!

What if I’m outside of the window to change my username?

If you have any problem changing your own username, please send an email to


I bookmarked it…and will forward to folks. And I’m guessing anyone outside of the time window should just message you? @CC_Mike

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That’s right! Outside the window, send a PM to @CC_Sorin with your new requested username and we’ll be happy to change!


Mike, can you also provide an email address please for users who don’t have enough posts to pm?

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If you don’t have enough permission to PM, send an email to


Hey @CC_Mike, I’m trying to get my username changed. Not sure if my mesages are getting through to you, but would love your help! Thanks

We have a backlog because of summer vacation. We’re working down the backlog and should be handling your request soon.

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I would like to change my username to PronghornD. The system does not allow me to do it myself.

@CC_Jon @CC_Sorin

Can you help this poster?

This is now done, @PronghornD!


Hi I need to change my user name .


This was in the OP to this thread but here you go.

Send an email to:

Hi, the 60 day deadline has passed would you be able to help me change it?

Send an email to:

Hi! I would like to change my user to “ 3tcharm “ it doesn’t allow me to do it myself anymore. Hopefully this is a good method to request this change, thank you!

Sure thing, @3tcharm! This is now done.

thank you so much !!!

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