How do I reset my password?

IMPORTANT: All users will need to reset their password at least once after April 19, 2021! See this post.

With as many passwords we have to remember nowadays, remembering each one can be a difficult task. At some point you’ll need to reset your password on CC – here’s how to do it:

  1. Click the Log In button at the top of the page.

  2. You’ll see a “Welcome Back” screen. Click “I forgot my password”.
    Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 10.37.44 AM

  3. Enter the email address associated with your account and click “Reset Password”.
    Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 10.37.54 AM

  4. You’ll receive confirmation that an email was sent to your address.

  5. Check your email. Click on the link in the email.

  6. You’ll be taken to a screen where you can enter a new password.

  7. Enter a new password and it will confirm that you are good to go! Click “Set Password”
    unnamed (2)
    If your password is less than 10 characters, you will see a red message.

  8. You are all done! You should be logged in now with your new password and you should be able to use CC normally.

If you have any issues, please send an email to admin @ collegeconfidential . com for help.


Would you please pin this post so we can find it easily when we need it? Thank you.

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This should be linked to the banner at the top of the page before the change goes live. Once people are locked out they won’t be able to find this.

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We’ll do some adjusting before it goes live so folks know exactly what to do.

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What does this mean?

All outgoing email has been globally disabled by an administrator. No email notifications of any kind will be sent.

That was temporary as we moved from one system to another. Should be gone now.

I was able to log back on this morning with a new password but now I have ads blocking the reply button. They won’t go away even if I click the “x”. Unless I click on the ad, I can’t get to the reply box. On an iPhone.

Welcome back! That’s definitely a bug we’ll fix - it should not be covering the Reply window. It looks like you’re in Desktop mode on your phone, which makes composing a lot harder. If you switch to Mobile view by going to the Hamburger menu next to your profile icon and selecting “Mobile View”, does the issue go away on iPhone? (it is still an issue on desktop)

Ads on the desktop version on my PC at the bottom of the screen won’t go away when I click the X. Very annoying

Here’s another issue. The font size preference doesn’t seem to work (and the font is smaller after the reset).

Yes mobile view made the ad move to the other corner but now I have a video playing.

@CCAdminMike and this…huge video ad at the top…and ad at the bottom.

Using an IPad 8. This is beyond annoying.

And I can’t even copy and paste the screen shot I took. So I sent to the email in the banner.

The ads will reset themselves later today. Sorry for the inconvenience. It will return back to normal. What you’re seeing now is what anonymous users see, which isn’t great for lots of composing and replying.

Ads and videos were the first thing I noticed right away. Plus as I write this on my android phone I can’t see the first line and part of the second line as the full box I am writing into the upper 1/3 is blocked.

Editing - if I can swing it under the rectangle - to say that I just saw CCadminMike’s post that this is temporary, so sorry for my rant! (BIG rant about the ads)

Three times I’ve had to reset my password. Every time I’ve relogged in it has said the password doesn’t work, even when it’s been autosaved. The first time I went to reset it and retyped the same password to use as my password, it said “can’t use the same password”, yet it wouldn’t let me log in with that password. So, I reset with a different one. Now I just tried with a different device, and that new password didn’t work and I just changed it back to the original one. Is this a bug and if so is it going to be fixed?

Also, messages that now show up on my phone are in a tiny font! Can’t even read them and when I blow them up I then can’t see them on my screen at one time. Is this fixable?

Can you send me a screenshot? I’ll take a look.

The password thing is not a reported issue I’ve seen - let’s fix the ads and see if your issue persists.