How do my extra curriculars look for Dental School?

Currently I am junior and will be applying to dental schools summer 2019.

-Worked for a General Dentist since freshman year summer June 2015-January 2018
-Shadowed at a Pediatric office for 15 hours June 2016-July 216
-Currently interning at a new pediatric dental office during this semester. It will count as credit and I will have 150 hours of interning with them.
-I am the Director of Scientista Foundation in my school, which is a national organization. I have been part of this club since freshman year 2015.
-I have also been a member of the Pre-Dental Society at my university since freshman year 2015. I’ve had an exec board position as Communications manager since sophomore year and will most likely either be the president or VP next year.
-I also have had a job at the Tech center at my school since freshman year.
I will be working for them this summer as well, and shadowing for the same office that I am interning for on the weekends.
-I also have community service experience at a charter elementary school freshman-sophomore year. I will continue to volunteer there next year.
-I plan to shadow at a general dentist senior year during my breaks.

What do you think?

They look good! When will you take the DAT and what is your overall GPA and science GPA? That matters more than your ECs.

You want to have your application ready to go as soon after June 1 as possible; most schools start screening apps immediately to begin the interviews September 1. It can easily take a month to have your application labeled complete. If you wait until August, you will be at the bottom of the pile and too late for some schools.

I am planing to take the DAT next spring. My overall GPA is a 3.3 and science GPA is a 3.1

That’s pretty low for dental school.

You might want to consider a gap year and do a science master’s program. Get a 4.0 in that and then apply. Why is your GPA so low? Are you on an upward trend? Does your predent advisor think you are a competitive applicant?