How to apply for Sudanese

Hello .I’m Ahmed from sudan .hope you’re doing good all .i just create this post to ask for help in applying for bachelor’s of bioengineering in Harvard.

Hello there

First of all, please change your user name to protect your identity.

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Can you elaborate on what help you need?

Do you have specific questions? Is there a part of the application process you need help with?

I agree…change your screen name!

How do you apply? Just fill out the application form, and complete any necessary essays and send any required supporting documentation, and include the fee for applying.

Make sure you are prepared to pay for application and health insurance fees and can afford university expenses.

Have you read the website, and taken a look at the Engineering Guidebook?

You apply as an engineering student, take the ‘gateway’ classes and go into your specialty area in year 2.

There are currently 2 Sudanese students at Harvard, so it is possible. But, last year Harvard accepted less than 4% of their applicants, and only 15% of that 4% were international students.

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