How to check all my posts/threads made?

It’s very irritating how I can’t look at all my posts/threads made in the past. Is this possible? I can’t even find a recent thread I made because so many other people make threads in that section and drown my thread to like page 4. I have to constantly do a google search and search hard just to find my own thread.

@Archlion: Click on your user name on the above post. When the next page pops up, look in the upper left corner. You can click on the threads you have started, as well as the replies you have made to other threads :slight_smile:

@Archlion - in addition, you can click on the star to bookmark a thread you are interested in (even one you have not started or commented on) and then access your bookmarks using the menu along the left side or by clicking the star to the right of your username in the upper right corner of the screen.

(You can set preferences to notify you whenever there is an update to a bookmarked thread, but I advise against it…there are just too many notifications!)

@dfin2013 @ClaremontMom thanks so much!!! i never noticed this lol