How to PM someone

Could someone help me but telling me how exactly can I PM someone? I can’t seem to figure it out.

Click on the envelope, go to new message, put in name of person you want to PM, and type/send message.

You can also click on their user name and then hit the message button.

@mofro1, this question has been answered in the FAQs section below:

For some reason, I can’t PM other people and it is not an option on my account? Is there a reason why?

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@WalnutGirl0303 I just sent you a PM…see if you can respond.


Is there a restriction on new posters in terms of using PM? I know there was for a long while…10 posts or something.

Is that back?

@WalnutGirl0303, you need to be a Junior Member in order to be able to Private Message another user. We’ve reintroduced this requirement as we have been dealing with a lot of spam PMs. In order to become a Junior Member you need 15 posts. Thanks!

You now need a minimum of 15 posts to be able to send a PM. The site was seeing an influx of new users ending unsolicited PMs, so this restriction was added.

@CCadmin_Sorin, can you help the user?

Thanks for the 15 posts recommendation but I just completed my 16th and I am still unable to private message? I would have directly asked @CCadmin_Sorin but I was not able to PM! Thanks!

Thank you MaineLonghorn (love the puppy picture!)!

@VerlisB, can you please confirm this is still an issue? I’ve checked in the backend and you should be able to PM now that you are a Junior Member. Thanks!

Thank you for he prompt service- no problems now!

Thanks for confirming, @VerlisB!

Would be helpful if you announced the 15 posts thing somewhere. Been trying to figure out why I couldn’t post for half an hour. OK that’s 2. 13 more to go. Jeesh.

It was.

Thanks for letting us know.

@CCadmin_Sorin I typed a private message and forgot to type in who it was to be sent to. When I hit the post comment button it said “23 People”–I obviously don’t want a PM to go to 23 random people. Any thoughts on why this happened? And if it actually goes to anyone? I am unable to type in an addressee until after I type a message. Is that how it is suppose to work?

Would agree that this rather cumbersome for non-spammers who are caught up in the net. I suppose the rationale makes sense though