How well does IU Kelley place in Chicago and NYC for IB?

I’m a high school senior so I don’t really need to be thinking about this yet. However, I have an interest in Wall Street and Finance related careers and I plan on majoring in Finance in college. One of my top choices is IU Kelley. Is their business school really that good? I would be an auto admit so it’s been a top choice for me. I’m applying to other good finance schools like UT, BC, etc., but I’m not expecting to get in, hence why IU is good for me.

No college “places”. You can have the best Career Services team in the world- but there’s only so much they can do, the rest is up to the student.

Kelley has a solid reputation. It’s up to you to do the rest. At Kelley- like every other college that offers a finance major, there are kids who are going to do the bare minimum, kids who are going to distinguish themselves, and everyone in between.

Kelley is pretty easy to get into however for IB, almost all the spots go to students in the IBW program. If accepted into the program during ones junior year at Kelley, they are likely to get an NYC IB job in a BB or EB. If not, the odds are slim to none as those banks exclusively recruit the IBW.

To summarize, if you can get into the IBW at Kelley is a good business school. Otherwise it is not.

Also, here is a good list of target schools that EB and BB banks recruit from.

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