I have mapped out my plan for a degree and a career to accomplish now

Good evening, everyone

So far, I have mapped out my plan finally. Once I finish up my AGS degree in May 2021. I will enroll in the Associate in Applied Science program in Dental Hygiene.
I have done some approximate calculations, if I were to enter a university and pursue a BS degree in Biology, I would not have enough Pell grant to cover the remaining half of the courses. I might as well pursue an AAS and get employed ASAP.

I might as well work as a dental hygienist and pursue my BS in Biology, pay for the remaining portion of the courses. Multitasking between RDH and pursuing a BS should be a piece of cake for me now that I have backup to help out with family care.

For the AAS in Dental Hygiene there only 24 to 27 courses, I can knock them out in 1.5 years and pass the boards. That AAS will wipe out my lifetime Pell eligibly. At least I will have something to fall back on, the RDH career while pursuing and paying for a BS degree is a good plan for me.
Besides if a student works as an RDH they can easily learn from a dentist by watching the repetitive techniques the dentist uses, sort of like a monotony nature. That way the information will be stuck like glue inside the human brain.

That way I’ll have volunteer experience and a BS degree, as well as building knowledge from the RDH career, being tutored by a dentist. Once I reach that milestone, that way I can survive dental school and all the knowledge I need to survive dental school. That’s how my friend got into dental school, her dentist was the mentor, she was taught everything and passed dental school with flying colors.

I have watched my dentist friend in the past, she has thought me the basics, from the facial surface, lingual surface, anterior, posterior, midline, quadrants, labial, buckle, mesial, distal, incisors, canines, premolars, molars, radiolucent, radiopaque. I can even draw the teeth numbering by memory since I’ve done so much repetitiveness of writing stuff :blush: Plus there are more terminologies I learned but too long to list.

What do you users think?