I took the same class twice which will be credited when I transfer to a university?

Hey guys!

Have any of you encountered or heard about someone taking the same course twice and applying to transfer?

For example, I took Econ 1 at a NON US school but it is an accredited university. The counselor at my current community college told me they can’t guarantee if it will transfer because it is foreign coursework so they told me to just take Econ 1 again at the CC.

What do you guys think will be credited if lets say both classes are transferrable?

You won’t get double credit, if that’s your question.

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It won’t matter. You’ll get credit for the equivalent class at your new college. They might use the more recent course, but either way, it will be matched to the corresponding course number at the institution to which you’re transferring. I suspect that it won’t get transferred with a grade attached, either, but I’m not sure. At my university, all transfer credits are listed with the GPA-neutral symbol for transfer credits (which would be the equivalent of a Pass), regardless of the grade initially earned for the course. So if your new institution handles transfers the same way, then it really doesn’t matter. However, if they transfer credits with grades earned, then you can probably request the one with the higher grade.

Do you think they’ll l credit the first class (grade is C from a school outside the US) / the second one (grade is A from cc)?

It doesn’t matter since the grade won’t figure into your gpa from the new school.

Regardless, it is what it is

Do you go to a UC by any chance?

No, I’m a professor at another university, so I know how transfer credits generally work.