I want to go into the Cybersecurity field, and my school does not provide a lot of computer classes

I want to go into the Cybersecurity field, and my school does not provide a lot of computer classes, what can I do in school, or outside of school to be more qualified and ready for college? I am a freshman in high school right now.

What does “not a lot” mean? Which computer classes does your school provide, exactly?

Without more information, I’d say take what you can freshman and sophomore years (as long as you aren’t taking them in place of core classes), and you’ll probably find yourself eligible for dual/concurrent enrollment classes at a local community college afterward.

Colleges don’t expect to see a lot of computer classes in applicants. Most probably only have AP CSP and/or AP CSA on their transcript, and a good number probably don’t even have those. You can’t go wrong by earning strong grades in the most challenging math classes for which you are eligible. Take AP Physics if you can.

Do at least one or two computer-related ECs. Even if your school doesn’t offer any, there may be options in your community (our library has “tech team” volunteers, and the senior center is often recruiting tech tutors). CyberPatriot might be especially of interest, but you might have to look further afield than your high school to find a team.

@Groundwork2022 They offer one beginning python class, which I am taking right now, and then they have a class on basic things like CSS and excel, that is it.

@Groundwork2022 And thank you so much for your recommendations, I will definitely look into those things.

Check sites like code.org and Codeacadamy for course options.

You can join a Cyberpatriots team in your local community or petition to start one at your school and you can seek out a coach. Competing in local competitions can help you get experience.

You can also check out Eduonix website for courses on programming languages that are good for cybersecurity specialists to be familiar with for on the job work.

You can follow this cybersecurity youtube channels like Professor Messer or Strong Exploits Academy Channel > Strong Exploits - YouTube

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