I want to study internationally in Australia (U.S student)

Hi, I want to study internationally in Australia, but do not have the guidance to getting a an Australian Visa, converting my SAT/ACT scores to the ATAR score as accepted in Australia, etc…

Who would guide me through all of this?

If anybody in the U.S. studying abroad or an Australian student currently studying in Uni can help me, it would help so much.

I’m interested in applying to UWA (university of western australia) & Curtin University

You can find the equivalencies for UWA [here[/url]

As you will see, the key is not SAT/ACT but APs. This is common in many countries, where you apply to and study just one subject- no GenEds, usually no (or very few) options outside your subject area. The APs usually need to align with the course you are applying for (how tightly depends on the course and the university): for math & sciences for science courses, humanities for humanities. There are often specific subject requirements as well. For example, if you are applying to study environmental science one of your APs should be Calc AB.

[url=<a href=“http://international.curtin.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2014/10/academic-entry-requirements-country.pdf%5DCurtain’s”>http://international.curtin.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2014/10/academic-entry-requirements-country.pdf]Curtain’s requirements](http://www.studyat.uwa.edu.au/undergraduate/requirements/school-quals/us-college-board) are simple: B average as a senior, graduate high school and either SAT CR+M of 1000/1600, with a minimum of 460 for CR, or a 24 ACT

Both unis have extensive sections of their websites devoted to international applicants, where you could have found this info. This may sound harsh, but if you are serious about going to uni in Australia you need to be able to do this sort of research on your own. Aussie unis do not hand-hold the way US unis do, and if you can’t muster this much you are going to seriously struggle when it comes to harder things like registration and housing.

@collegemom3717 Thanks so much for all the info. Regarding housing, etc. I have a cousin there who will be housing me for the full tuition duration so I should be fine on that.

If Curtain’s minimum requirements for USA are met, does that mean auto-acceptance? (judging from the fact that if an Australian student meets the minimum ATAR score for a certain university, it means you will be accepted if applied)

One last question, Curtain has english entry requirements, correct? I have not taken any AP English class during the course of high school… so I don’t know which qualification to use as an entry requirement.

Thanks so much

The link you posted spells out your options. If you are currently living in the US, you will probably find more testing opportunities for the TOEFL than the other tests on the list: http://www.ets.org/toefl

The stated minimum score of 79 is not a very high bar. Many American universities require a minimum score of 100 (out of 120) for undergraduate admission.

@b@r!um I’m assuming you mean that it should be easy to get in Curtin with that English requirement, given I am a native English speaker and born in the U.S.?

So all I have to do is register a date to take the TOEFL, achieve a score of 79+, and then I will be all set for Curtin? (I have all the other requirements for Curtin Uni)

Thanks for the reply

dollars to doughnuts says that if you email them and say that you are a native english speaker completing high school in the US in an english language school they will say that’s fine. Ask before signing up for the TOEFL.

Also…besides the fact that you can walk into Curtain, think about what you are likely to get from it as a college degree.

Is this still with your parents on a relocation package or are you considering being in Aus on a student visa? Do you know much about Perth vs the East coast of Oz? Do you have a good handle on Australian geography, because Perth is the most remote city in the world. It is totally different from East coast cities.

@collegemom3717 I am constantly saying emails to through the enquiry form, however I received the same automated message from UWA/Curtain.

@Alfonsia I am considering being in Australia on a student visa

It’s Curtin, not Curtain.

@GMTplus7 Sorry, getting mixed up by looking at other’s posts

Hi I am a Singaporean citizen and looking for admission in RMIT.how is it

Please start your own thread, @Rahul859.

it’s been 3 weeks, accepted to University of Sydney, haha

I live in Perth. All I can say is it won’t be hard to get accepted here - you’re pretty much in if you got the grades. I live in Perth and honestly, I’m focused on leaving Australia and going to America. I’m so determined and Perth is the most boring city ever. Don’t leave America. You don’t realise how blessed you are. It truly is the land of opportunity.

The people and college life is better there as well.

Australia sucks.