Indiana and butler ballet

Anyone heard back from Indiana or Butler University re ballet ?acceptance?

We have not heard from Butler but we have heard from Indiana

Hi.Would you mind sharing when you submitted the final audition to Indiana? Also, was it for BS Ballet or Contemporary? Thanks!!

We heard back from Butler. Maybe it depends when you submitted??

Indiana and Butler were submitted mid December. Not accpt at Indiana. Still haven’t heard from Butler so that’s not looking good.

For initial audition, BS Ballet

Butler may be going through them as they receive them.You can send an email to the advisor they assign you when you apply. Even though they aren’t part of the arts school, they will know when you can expect to hear back. Hang in there. Good luck!!

yes I contacted him already and he didn’t give a timeline but the website says late Feb for regular admission decisions. Actually Indiana was submitted Nov. 27th, and they responded before christmas.

Hi! My daughter submitted her audition at the end of November for Indiana University. She got an email the first week of December with a class she needed to film. She submitted that a week ago. But the deadline is February 1st for that video. After that they mentioned they will pick some for an interview. She got invited to a virtual meeting. She is applying to the Ballet Program

Thanks so much for the details. My D just submitted the audition (second) video recently. I wasn’t sure if they have officially accepted/ denied anyone yet or if they were waiting until after the Feb 1 deadline passes. Congratulations to your daughter!!! It is a very exciting time!!!

Thanks -she hasn’t been accepted yet so there’s always plan B😁

Butler sends out acceptances twice a month: The first (or closest business day) and the 15th-ish. We submitted a couple months ago on the 2nd and then heard on the 16th.

Hello! Has anyone heard back from IU after the 2nd round auditions, meaning they were accepted into the ballet program for fall 2021? My daughter is still waiting to hear…Thanks!

Hello! We have not heard but we have heard of other students being accepted …( I am not 100% sure if they mean they were accepted to Indiana University and the dance program or just the University).
Last we heard from Indiana University is an email from MS. Wroth 2 days ago to watch through zoom a showing/filming of the students.

OK, thanks. I’m sorry you haven’t heard anything either. It’s so difficult to wait! My daughter received that same email you mention.

@BBeebe and @Dancer32 and @REZREZ have your dancer check their spam account. We found my daughter’s IU ballet acceptance in her spam account on Saturday morning and it had been there since 2/21.

Thank you! She has been checking her spam…is no news good news or bad news? I wonder…