Inflation Due To Covid

Stock market plunge expected today due to discovery of new Covid strain in South Africa.

Will this expected new wave of Covid infections result in new and continued supply chain interruptions and factory shutdowns ?

Is long-term inflation the most likely result ?

It will depress demand as well (not just supply). It seems to be even more highly transmissible than Delta (only Delta Airlines may be relieved that there’s finally another strain unrelated to Delta :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


Much is unknown yet about this new variant.

Of course, financial markets often see trading on rumors and speculation when there is incomplete information.


The stock market being so down has me looking for bargains TBH.

I expect the world will adjust to Covid and now that we have relatively quick vaccine “adjustment” options I guess I’m an optimist.

My bigger worry is our trip to USVI this February. I really like stocking up on Vitamin D in Feb and don’t know how or if this variant will affect travel.


We’re buying in today too.

My concern is also more about the effect on travel, particularly for my D who hopes to participate in two study abroad experiences this spring/summer. I’m not as concerned about my personal “fun” travel, but I want her to enjoy every bit of her college experience and that includes study abroad opportunities.


I take Vitamin K along with Vitamin D as well as B12.

Lots of articles focus on Vitamins K & D as a way to lessen severity of Covid.

Covid is especially tough on those in their late teens through mid-30s since those tend to be very active years for socializing.

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Tough call, in my view, as to whether or not this is a buying opportunity. Might buy both calls & puts on an index fund as there might be significant movements in both directions (on different days, of course).

Regardless, not a good time to be in stocks of cruise ship companies, while Moderna looks like a reasonable buy.

Eating kale and fish at an outdoor picnic on a sunny day?


Mushrooms are likely the best bet for future health from what I’ve been reading. Google ergothioneine… Mushrooms are the main source and the studies I’ve been reading about it make me glad I’m a mushroom lover. Vit D I like to restock my body from sunshine in Feb. :sunglasses:

We did well with today’s buys. Time will tell next week and beyond if my thoughts were really worth it or not. For today I’m content having been able to get some options I’d been looking at on my “Black Friday” sale.

Cruise lines and similar weren’t on my “want to buy list” anyway TBH.

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I have learned my lesson about purchasing options on a Friday. I hope that you do well.

I have my eye on two stocks that I hope dip. (Both would be long-term holds.)

Would buy call options on an index if there is a major down day on Monday without any accompanying news to justify such a move.

If Plan A happens we’re on the road Monday so I won’t be following the market at all to buy or cash out.

What I bought I plan to keep for a bit and if some of my buy orders had hit their target earlier this week I’d have paid more for them - hence - content with a sale even if I didn’t hit the bottom of the dip. I don’t need to cash out by end of year. Omicron might cause some problems, but I don’t think they will be lengthy ones at this point.

We tend to do a mix of dividend stocks and shoot for the moon medical stocks (having made out very well on Longeveron for instance). Both (usually) require some time to do their thing.

Inflation will continue (and possibly get worse) until there is action to correct the multiple causes that both created and continue to support it.