Innovative Ideas :)

Ideas for CC!

First off, I want to say I like this forum format much better; it’s much more compatible w/ my slow computer for some reason and easier to use

Ideas if possible, helpful:

  1. A scroll down menu where you can navigate through different sections of CC, say from Parents forum to College Admissions, instead of having to go back to the main page or so

<li>I can’t explain it, but it 's a feature where you put your mouse cursor over a particular thread and it will tell you the first few words of the post (without having to physically click on the thread) This would especially be helpful since sometimes people label their threads vaguely and so you know what they’re really talking about before you enter the thread </li>


I second teal’s ideas. The mouseovers could add bloat, but a dropdown menu for the different forums would be definitely nice

Using a tabbed browser is something that YOU can do to make surfing easy on ANY website. I like Netscape the best.

I open the front page in the first tab and then open new tabs for each thing that interests me. I programmed my mouse so that a simple click on the wheel opens the link in a new tab. Click on that first tab, and you have the front page just sitting there all ready. I usually keep a Google going on a spare tab—for questions that come up.

Whenever I revert to a non-tabbed browser, I feel like I’ve returned to the Stone Ages.

I do the same thing as sheeprun. I use a browser called Avant Browser which turns Internet Explorer to a highspeed browser with tabbing capabilities, or if you hate MS you can download Firefox.