Internationals into Top 20

<p>Could any internationals that were accepted to TOP20 schools please post their info. below please? Of course, you are essentially the best of the best since you are competing with all of the other internationals. I, myself, am from Canada, so I will be competing against fellow Canadians only, but to know what it took to get into a top20 as an international outside of North America will help a lot!</p>

SAT I (m,cr,w):
Major Awards/things of value (even school awards, etc.): </p>

Essays (quality):</p>

Financial Aid?
Why do you think you got in?
What recommendations do you have for a 2015'er?</p>

<p>Thanks. This info. will be super helpful for all internationals in general.</p>

<p>There IS no top 20 to start with <_<</p>

<p>Obviously, he's talking about USNWR rankings.</p>

<p>Yeah, but the point I'm trying to make is, you must NOT rely on one or two rankings so early in your app process! As per my profile, it was somewhere in the UPenn accepted students thread....the FA will be missing there, but its pretty high.
I doubt it'll help you though. That thread is plain scary. Most of the kids that get in are not all that perfect-scoring as CCers. But ALL of them are SPECIAL in some way, and GOOD in most ways.</p>

<p>Sorry, when I meant top 20, I wasn't narrowing my search or anything. It was just a general term I used for just all top/good schools. For example, schools like Notre Dame, Emory, WUSTL (even though not in top20), would all be considered in this thread. I just want to gain an understanding of what it took Internationals to get into these schools.</p>

<p>Come on CC'ers, it can't be only Gary who got into a top school. Post away!</p>

<p>^By USNEWS rankings, WUSTL was ranked 11 or 12 last I checked, and I'm pretty sure that Emory is top20 too. :S
Also, don't forget LACs.</p>

<p>ok, yea, LACs too, like Vassar and such would be appreciated too! Everyone, try to fill this out. It would help more than just me I assume.</p>