Is FSU a good fit for me?

I was just accepted to FSU with a tuition waiver-paying $20k per year. I’m interested in accounting/finance and am not sure if I will need grad school (which is financially possible at FSU). I’m from the Midwest but go to Florida every year. I like the football, sororities, and strong academic aspects of FSU. However, I think Miami is a better fit from what I’ve heard from students. I’m not too interested in big parties but am preppy and girly. Any input about FSU or Miami would help!

  1. Is there a lot of in state students at FSU? Any from Midwest?
  2. Are sororities very competitive and full of “mean girls“?
  3. What is the overall culture/vibe? Conservative/liberal, smart/unmotivated, southern/mix, mostly partiers/some?
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My daughter applied to both. My assumption would be the biggest differences would be cost and size. Both are great schools and frankly, you could go to name your I never heard of it college for accounting and be fine.

If cost an issue, I’m assuming you didn’t get near as good a deal from Miami as Florida State. So if those are your two choices, it’s a no brainer.

If cost isn’t an issue - and that includes you not tying yourself up in debt or your parents up in debt, then choose the school that’s right for you.

Both will have party and greek scenes, both have athletic scenes, and both will have really smart or less “loud” social life. I’d imagine they’ll both have anything and everything you could desire.

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What you’ll need to do is sit down and really look at costs. If you can’t afford it, it doesn’t matter how good a fit it is. You can’t go there. The most you can take out in student loans is $27k.

yep - i won’t be taking any loans. It’s not a question of affordability. It’s a question of “wanting to afford.”

If you can buy Tropicana OJ for $4 and store brand for $2, knowing they’re they same, probably even made by the same place, wouldn’t you buy the store brand?

sorry - didn’t realize this was the 2nd FSU chain…there’s another. let me read again. my response wasn’t appropriate for this chain. I have too many chains going :slight_smile:

back to your question, FSU is better. Why? College is a crapshoot - so you find your dream school but get a bad roommate or bad professor and it all goes to crap.

So why spend big bucks to Miami. FSU is a great deal.

You will find all party levels, study levels, and political type levels at each school.

If money weren’t an issue, you need to go to both and see if you feel a spark at either.

But there’s, from a practical POV, especially in accounting where you can go to any school big name or not and get a job, there’s no reason to spend so much more.

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My parents have a set amount of how much they will pay each year. I never mentioned anything about loans because that’s not an option and no school is worth taking out loans. What I really wanted to know is if I won’t be able to succeed academically and socially at FSU if I don’t want to party every weekend.

I’d imagine you can succeed at any school - yes. But you will have to seek out your crowd. Same at Miami. Same at U of Illinois. Same at Harvard.