Is it hard to get into BS for Junior year

I plan on apply to boarding school in the fall. I have heard numerous people say that apply for Junior year is extremely difficult. Is this true? Also is it worth it this late in high school?
Note: I am really not interested in repeating 10th grade.

yes. it is very hard. would recommend a repeat year

It varies by school, but in general, yes, it’s true.

In most schools, yes. Except for the schools whose major entry point is 11th grade, such as TAMS(if you’re in Texas) or Think Global School.

OP has mentioned they are young for their grade. I know you said you didn’t want to do a repeat year, but I think it’s the best way to go if you want to go to BS. You are still 13 going into sophomore year which is extremely young, and should you go to BS for 11th grade there will most likely be many freshman older than you. Your grade is likely to have many kids, if not most kids, 2 years older than you. I would suggest repeating 10th grade.


Or even repeating 2 years so the OP has an even better chance to get in:)

What if like I know a famous alumni…

I’ll be going into sophomore years as a 14 year old

I mean like GLADCHEMMS. Indiana Academy is my super safety

You will still be younger than most if not all of your peers

Maybe, just maybe, if it’s a parent. Otherwise, no.

Pretty slim really, unless you’re 1. A super good athlete 2. A super good artist that can contribute to the school 3. A superb musician, in addition to good grades, recs, sat/psat/act scores, essays, etc. I’d recommend repeating a year or two since you’d still be on the younger side of your class, or adding multiple more schools such as Hill, Thatcher, Cate, NMH, Mercersberg…etc. Those schools have a similar workload to GLACHEMMS or HADES schools.

Why would you want to be the youngest person in your grade? All of your friends will be graduating years after you. And why wouldn’t you want to experience the BS experience. If you really don’t want to repeat a grade, at least wait and do a PG year.

It’s hard for a couple reasons. Most schools don’t have a lot of openings for 11th and often, they already have them "reserved " for certain applicants. (I.e., the school DS attended has arrangements with a school in Kenya and takes two students for their last two years of high school.) The other reason is that you have to hit the ground running. Junior year is one of the toughest at any school and it can have an outsized impact on college admissions. A school will only accept you if they think you’ll make that transition well. This is part of the reason students often repeat a year. It’s also a reason that exceptional athletes present less of a risk – their college options will be driven by recruiting and a rough junior year won’t make a huge difference.

With that said, if repeating isn’t appealing, go for it as a junior. Make sure you have some easier admissions in there knowing that very few schools will be true safeties. Make sure you can articulate why you want BS. And consider options like UWC that only accept at 11th – you won’t be swimming upstream at those.

In addition to what I said, why be 14 as a junior? This will probably hurt you come time for college applications. The schools you’re thinking of are very competitive for colleges unless you’re at the top 10% of your class and have outstanding extracurriculars. If you already have those outstanding extracurriculars, it won’t be as hard to get in.

Don’t count on this to help, unless, as another poster said, it’s your parent. Kiddo1 had a very influential alumnus, as in last name on school buildings, write a letter on her behalf and she was waitlisted. He and his wife joked that his letters have only had a 50% success rate.

I’d recommend repeating, honestly. Originally, I planned on applying to schools for my junior year. I was told straight-up that entering as a junior from my background (low-income, underachieving public school education) that I wouldn’t do well as a junior if I didn’t repeat. I ended up choosing to apply as a repeat sophomore and it was the best decision I’ve made. Repeating allowed me to become comfortable in my school environment at a more languid pace; I’m entering my senior year now, and I know 100% that I would not be in as good of shape (both socially and academically) as I am had I not repeated. Having that extra year allows you to acclimate to the school without having to worry quite yet about letters of recommendation, college prep, et cetera. You’re also very young, so repeating a year would help with maturity in later education. Of course, I don’t know about your past education/family background/whatever, but it’s not a bad step to take in your boarding school career.


Speaking based on your statement, I’m probably average. My grades are on par with every other person applying (4.0 UW). Because of COVID, all my freshman EC were cancelled. But next year I plan on doing MUN, Quiz Bowl, World Affairs Bowl, Brain Game, and hopefully do some research at a local university. However, these are not superstar ECs.

I don’t really want to repeat a grade became I have never been in the same grade with those my age (Note: I started kindergarten when I was 4)

You are mistaken. I said I will be 14 as a sophomore, which correlates to being 15 as a junior.