IU Kelley Petition Tracker 2023

Creating a thread to track Kelley Petitions… We went through this process last year and would happy to answer any questions …

Kelley direct admission review request

If you do not meet the admissions criteria or missed the November 1 application deadline, you must request approval for direct admission to Kelley. This is called a review request and we encourage you to make the effort—more than 65% of submitted requests are approved and the process takes just 10 minutes to complete.

The Kelley Admissions team does not inform students that they did not meet the criteria for direct admission. If you did not meet the requirements, the Kelley School does not know you’re interested in direct admission unless you make a review request.

The middle 50% of approved review requests for fall 2020 were:

  • GPA: 3.70 to 4.0
  • SAT superscore (Math and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing): 1290 to 1390
  • ACT superscore (Composite): 28 to 32

Important dates

September 12
Review requests open
You do not need to be admitted to IUB in order to submit a request.

February 1, 2023
Final deadline to submit a request
If you submit a request and receive a confirmation email, do not submit a new one. This will overwrite your original date of submission and cause delays in review and decision. Candidates who do not meet the February 1 deadline may pursue standard admission to Kelley.

April 14, 2023
Notifications guaranteed
If you submit your request by February 1, you will receive a decision by 5 p.m. ET April 14. Notifications will be released on a rolling basis. All candidates will have a status update by April 14.

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If IU Kelley is a top choice for you, and you would like to explore further, please consider attending the Kelley direct admit day held in late February and early March.

The link below will be updated with this years dates at a later time …


Here is some placement outcomes and salary data for IU Kelley students:


Thanks for setting this up. My daughter sent in a review request last week as she submitted test optional. She has a 3.98 GPA with pretty exceptional business and leadership ECs. Let’s see how this goes!

Good Luck. My best guess is she will get in.

Thanks! Fingers crossed.

With the recent changes to IUPUI (read the news where they split the school between purdue and IU) it is also possible to earn a accounting degree from kelley by attending IUPUI. Looks like a alternate path to kelley. Please do due diligence if interested.

Current freshman here at Kelley. Had to petition last admissions cycle, 1340 SAT (650 english, 690 math), 4.32 GPA. Had many officer positions and activities in high school and was accepted. You can ballpark your stats with mine but submit your stuff ASAP before space fills up. Feel free to message me with any questions, I am more than willing to help!

I applied to IUB and chose Finance BSB as major on 10/30, and created my one.iu.edu account today, where do I submit the review request for direct admission for Kelley, because I have a 4.81 gpa and applying test-optional

See if this link takes to you to the petition.


my daughter’s unweight GPA 3.6 weighted - 4.5.
Any idea which GPA is considered for Kelley ?
SAT-1360, ACT-29.
She selected Business Exploratory BSB as the major while applying.
Is it possible to change to FInance major later ?

For Direct Admission, it’s the weighted GPA that is considered. You can always change the major once admitted to Kelley. It’s an easy process.

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Got acceptance from IU for my daughter when would we hear from Kelly - school of business

Has your daughter petitioned for Direct Admit? If she qualifies for DA without petitioning, you should hear back in about 3-4 weeks from Date of Admittance.

Hi - any thoughts on topic for petition essay about most significant accomplishment - are they looking for something business / school related like launching a summer business or something softer like helping someone suffering a mental hardship or mentoring a grade school student? It’s only 250 words so not a lot of room.

The prompt is more generic. " What has been your most significant achievement in the past three years? "

if you can connect it to show an interest in business, it would be nice. But I do not think it is necessary to do so. Most extra curriculars showcase soft skills that can be useful in business.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have a few ideas to choose from so I am trying to figure out which has been successful for people in the past - business related or softer/people skills. I qualify for direct admit with grades but did not take the SAT/ACT so now I have to appeal and I am trying to improve my chances. Thanks again.

My take is that this would be a personal choice. I have not seen any threads on CC that specifically talk about the petition essay. Your best bet would be to privately message folks from last year that did petition successfully.

Thank you, that is a great suggestion.

I am in a similar situation for 2023. Debating my essay topic - business accomplishment vs. softer skills. Wondering if you would care to share your topic? Thanks

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