IU Kelley v UW WSB v UMN CSOM v Purdue Krannert v UIUC Gies

S22 has been accepted to Kelley , WSB, CSOM, Krannert waiting on Gies.
OOS from CA.

Studying Business and direct to the 4 schools admitted. Major is Supply Chain but may change after first year as he learns more

Looking for help opinions on each school from current/former students that likely had to make a similar choice between these schools. Leaving COA out of the equation for now. I am interested in which school would choose for academics, environment, and career outcomes.

which one would you choose and why?

Congrats on the acceptances.

Your S can achieve his goals from all of these schools. With that said, I might drop Krannert because although it’s good for supply chain, the other business schools have overall better placement outcomes should he change his major.

I would do further research on outcomes/placement, each school should have that on their website. If not, call the career center. Here is Kelley’s, you can find the rest: Outcomes – KelleyConnect | Kelley School of Business

Poets and Quants is also a good place to do research. They do rank the undergrad business programs, but have other data/insights that are helpful.

Good luck!

S22 has Krannert a notch lower (though Purdue is a great school) than the other 4. It looks like we will have to determine fit based on insights and find a way to visit 4-5 of them to help solidify choice.

Update: UIUC Gies denied

Visited IU, UMN, and UW-Madison all in one week skipped Purdue (which probably puts it out of running).

Based on trip all were solid schools, potential outcomes, but S liked feel of Minneapolis and Madison over Bloomington. So, think we have narrowed from 5 to 2 some by choice and one decided for us making it easier!

[Update] Final Choice was UW-Madison

Thanks to all that contributed to the discussion.