Iu Kelley Vs Rutgers Business (undergrad)

I have recently just got accepted as a DA in Indiana’s Kelley School of Business and also into Rutger’s business school. I am not in any of the respective colleges’ honors programs. I plan to double major in Finance and Information systems. Career wise, I am deciding between IB (which I am aware Kelley has a greater placement in with their workshop) and consulting of some sort. Being from New Jersey, I will be paying instate tuition for RU (roughly 36k/yr) While IU will cost me 53k/yr. Other important factors for me choosing RU include being closer to home with family and friends, aswell as diversity (being a POC myself, I prefer a more diverse student body at RU) I am stuck on making a decision for my next four years. My primary question is if IU Kelley is worth the premium out of state tuition versus Rutgers in terms of job placement and how employers view someone with an IU Kelley Degree VS a Rutgers Business degree along with the overall social experience between the two schools. (Personally for me I dont care much for school spirit and sports games lol).
Any input is greatly appreciated, thank you!

Regarding Social Experience:

Since you do not care about school spirit or school sports, you are probably better suited for the overall social experience at Rutgers University.

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Where did you get the $36,000 number for Rutgers? My daughter graduated RBS in 2018, my twin were accepted for the fall, and I have it under $30,000 (my daughter is deciding between Rutgers, UD, Clemson and SUNY Binghamton).