Just Accepted at Wofford

<p>My son has just been accepted at Wofford. I would appreciate input (positive and negative) about Wofford from current students, recent graduates or parents of current or past students.</p>

<p>Looking for same answers to the questions posted. In addition, my son is interested in medical school. Anyone with experience as which school would be a better option in terms of preparation for med school. Comparing both schools, which one has the higher rate of admission to med school?</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>Wofford states that they have an 80% acceptance rate to medical school while Furman states that the acceptance rate to medical is typically around 92% (or twice the national average).</p>

<p>want to know more about the college.....</p>

<p>My stepson is graduating from Wofford this spring. He chose Wofford over Davidson -- in large part because Wofford awarded him a full scholarship (merit), but also because he just clicked with the school and the students he met on campus while visiting. And I have to say, I can't imagine how he could have been happier or more successful. Considering he just landed his dream job, I have few complaints!</p>

<p>Academically, he was completely challenged (Psych/Spanish double, with a History minor), and he worked hard. He found out last week he made Phi Beta Kappa, and he worked hard to get it. He has been extremely involved with his fraternity (and Greek life is very big at Wofford), but in addition to being a social outlet, he became very active with the national fraternity -- hosting visits, attending conferences, and more. He also participated on the Honor Council, which is student-run and taken very seriously. He also sang in the glee club, played tons of intramural sports, and loved rooting for the Terriers basketball team.</p>

<p>His friends are smart and involved, and many are headed to medical school and other professional programs. He's had great access to his professors and other staff, and the chance to work with some amazing visiting professors. He's loved it, and we haven't questioned his choice for a second.</p>

<p>Wofford is definitely a traditional, politically-conservative, Southern, preppy kind of place so don't go if that's not your thing. Though he likes the tradition and atmosphere at Wofford, my stepson leans left politically and is a very tolerant and open kid, and he's felt perfectly comfortable there. It shares a lot of similarities with Furman, though I would definitely say Wofford is less religiously conservative. And Spartanburg is not a particularly inspiring sort of place (though nearby Greenville is fairly happening and Wofford's campus is very pretty). But the kids I've met are bright and interesting, they care about their school, and they have big plans for their futures.</p>

<p>Thanks, WillowHill, for your post. We will be re-visiting both Wofford and Furman campuses over the next week and a half. I appreciate your insights about Wofford.</p>

<p>Willowhill, Thank you so much! This is a school we don't hear much about and it sounds like it has a lot to offer.</p>

<p>anyone going to Night&Day this weekend?</p>

<p>My D is flying down on Sunday for the Night and Day program. She's still trying to make her final college choice, and she's narrowed it down to Wofford and Furman. Although we have visited Wofford twice before, I think she's hoping the overnight experience plus meeting all the other prospective students on campus might help her decide where she feels most at home.</p>

<p>My son was planning to attend the Wofford Day and Night this weekend, but he has had to cancel due to an unexpected and unavoidable conflict. He is still undecided between Wofford and Furman. My older son attended Wofford and graduated in 2010. He was very pleased with his experience there, and hopes his brother will attend. My younger son loves Wofford, too, but also is impressed with Furman. It is a very hard decision! These are both great schools. </p>

<p>Best of luck to all who are still undecided and hope you have a great weekend at Wofford!</p>

<p>Let us all know what the weekend at Wofford is like!</p>

<p>My D had fun this weekend and sat in on an interesting class. She's trying to decide between Wofford and Elon</p>

<p>My D enjoyed a wonderful visit during the Night & Day program, but she wanted a little more time to think over her final decision. She just picked Wofford, and we think it will be a great fit for her. Thanks for all of you who shared information here!</p>

<p>Same with my D-the overnight program along with a nice FA pkg was the deciding factor</p>

<p>My son has finally made his decision...he will attend Wofford. Liked Furman, but Wofford is the one!</p>

<p>Good luck to all, and thanks for all the great comments and information.</p>


<p>I am a junior in high school right now, and I am leaning strongly towards Wofford and Clemson. I was wondering would a 3.36 unweighted gpa and a 28 on the ACT give me a good shot of getting into Clemson and Wofford? By the time I graduate, I will have taken 5 AP classes (US History, Chemistry, Calculus AB/BC, Biology, and Literature/Language), and when I graduate I will have received the AP Scholar, AP Scholar with Honor, and AP Scholar with Distinction awards. I also have participated in many extracurricular activities including three varsity sports. I am also considering Furman and the College of Charleston.</p>

<p>My D had the same ACT and a slightly higher GPA-ask your guidance counselor to nominate you as a Wofford Scholar. The website has the criteria and I just emailed the GC the form. Have you tried the SAT?</p>

<p>you can get into CU and Wofford. Furman also but it might be tight depending on the qualifications of the applicants your incoming year. Id side you have a good chance at all those schools</p>

<p>What are the advantages of being nominated as a Wofford Scholar?</p>

<p>Opportunity to compete for scholarships</p>