Kelley ACE Program

Creating this thread for the benefit of anyone who is applying to the ACE Program. Emails were sent out today. If anyone from previous years can provide some insight on the application/interview process it would be greatly appreciated.

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Following. Son got an invite, and it would be nice to have an idea of what he should expect in the interview.

Agreed. Only thing that I can find on the internet is that the questions were very basic. I’m expecting a “tell me about yourself” question, possibly Why Kelley, maybe something else. There’s an introduction video on the link that they sent, the guy makes it seem like this interview is chill and low stakes

Do we know how many emails were sent, or how many people are accepted? Also, is there a residential component to ACE?

  1. 72 people get accepted
  2. No residential component
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Do you think emails will continue to come out today? I usually get my emails from IU at around 5 pm. My stats seem to put me in the running, so I am just curious.

We got ours this morning. I was a little surprised b/c although I have the “stats” - I’m OOS and didn’t get much merit $ so I wasn’t certain of the strength of my application.
I looked at a few past year threads. Looks like they switched to a video format last year - I asked about the interview questions on those (old) threads and will share if I hear anything back.
Also - a few years back it looked like some people were a direct admit to ACE and others had to apply. I wonder if there are direct admits to ACE this year?
Also - didn’t seem people got outright rejected. Either you got a yes or got waitlisted…and applicants did get off the waitlist.
I have no sense of the applicants numbers so not sure how competitive the process is.

what are your stats?

1560 SAT, 97.72 W gpa. Out of 4.0 my gpa is roughly 3.9UW/4.3W.
I applied with a 1430, but when I retook I got the higher score. So I sent in the 1560 after applying. Perhaps Kelley didn’t review my updated score, despite confirmation that IU in general received it.

I did the video interview last year…ended up on waiting list for ACE…was 1) why kelley, 2) something about why business and i can’t remember the other one - was 35 ACT, 4.4 WGPA etc, am at Ohio State now…Go Bucks!

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Merit aid is not super high at IU unless you do the extra SSA. Son only got $10K, and he had really good stats.

And you were waitlisted with those stats?? greeeeaaaat…;-0

I did the interview a few hours ago. It went okay, stumbled around at a few points but I got my point across. I noticed that the people who applied to it later were the ones who got waitlisted, so I wanted to get it out of the way now. Fingers crossed

Fingers crossed! Can you tell me about the process? Didn’t you have 3 attempts for each of the 3 questions I thought it said? Is the question written and you can then take time to think about it before answering?

Can you share why you decided OSU over Kelley?

Sure. No real negatives on IU Kelley, is great school - at end of day was my view that 1) OSU’s program is on the rise, 2) Columbus has great internship options, 3) OSU less of a focus on Greek life, 4) better sports, 5) city vs. college town, 6) more things to do on campus, even in Covid OSU has a great buzz on campus overall. And OSU also gave me a little more merit than IU but wasn’t meaningfully more. Really like OSU honors program - small classes (25) and priority scheduling. Great advisors and internship opportunities.

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My final 3 were IU, Wisconsin and OSU BTW. Had 35, 4.4 WGPA, didn’t get into Michigan(wait listed) and ND - got into Florida, Georgia, Iowa.

Yeah i had 3 attempts, and the question is on the screen

Was there a time restriction to how long you had to prepare or how long your responses could be?

60 seconds