Lafayette Class of 2027 Official Thread

This is the official discussion thread for Lafayette Class of 2027 RD applicants. Ask your questions and connect with fellow applicants.

RD Application Deadline is: January 15


Have notifications for invites to the Marquis Scholarship weekend gone out? Looking at past threads, it looks like they went out on the final days of January. Just curious, as I’ve seen no chatter about it on this thread, whereas there’s lots of chatter about scholarship weekend notifications on other college threads.

I have not heard anything about this either. My S was accepted ED so he may have squandered his chance at this opportunity, sadly. Possibly he would not have been invited anyway but his stats are where we thought he might. But he has some high stats friends who applied RD and I asked them to let us know if they are invited to this.


That would be great! Definitely let us know. :grinning:

According to the person I just spoke with in the admissions office, the invites have gone out already. he did not say when they went out; only that they did.

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My daughter was notified yesterday via email.

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Historically, when do Lafayette regular decision notifications go out in March?


Last year it looks like it was March 24th.

Keep in mind that Lafayette still sends out snail mail letters (not sure if it’s acceptances only or all decisions). In recent years, we know kids whose snail mail letter arrived before the decisions were released on the portal.


We will be stalking our mailbox for sure! DD was invited to a dance clinic on the 25th so we were hoping to know before then. I’d hate for her to love it and then not get accepted!

It’s official! Decisions to be released Thursday, March 23rd at 4:00 PM ET.

Good Luck to all! :pray:


Has anyone seen anything in usps informed delivery yet? I know they mail packages!

Did anyone receive anything via mail?

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I wouldn’t read too much into this. I just went through boarding school admissions on March 10 with DS and none of his packages showed up on informed delivery, and I’ve had it a few years.

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I checked USPS informed delivery this morning, but nothing.

Don’t read too muh into the mail today. My son got his package last year the day AFTER the online notification. My poor husband thought he didn’t get in for a few hours since he didn’t get the package mailed on the same day, so a huge sigh of relief when 4pm came. GOOD LUCK!


I also didn’t get my package last year until two days after the online notification, so no need to worry. Good luck to all applicants!

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My daughter won’t get home until 9pm. 5 more hours of waiting!