Lafayette College Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

This year, the Early Decision (ED) deadline for the Lafayette College is November 15.

List your unweighted GPA, any SAT /ACT scores, and ECs. What majors are you going into?
Ask your questions, the CC community is here to help!

My S is a big fan of Lafayette but still deciding if he wants to apply ED. ACT 33, GPA 3.9 UW. He wants engineering. I wonder if anyone has anecdotes about merit aid in the ED round? It seems to me like they would not need to lure an ED kid, but we’ve heard conflicting things. Anyone have experience with this?

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Anyone else’s 23 student thinking of ED at Lafayette?

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My son applied ED last year and is a very happy freshman. If your son really likes Laf then applying ED will improve his chances greatly. Cant speak to merit awards as we had need based aid which were incredibly met. I can’t say enough good things with the experience thus far.


What has your son liked the most about Lafayette?


Glad to hear it. This thread is so quiet.

My son graduated in 2020 from Lafayette. He had a great time and now has a great engineering job. He applied EA and was also an athlete (non scholarship sport). We received FA all 4 years.

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Results are coming today for ED.

Can’t believe how quiet this thread is. My S was accepted!

I am disappointed that it seems like he didn’t get a smidge of merit aid, as I know that ED acceptances in the past have been considered for and received merit.

I am pretty sure this means he won’t get anything at all, but if anyone knows that merit could be yet to come, I’m all ears!

Did anyone else here apply?

Same here on all counts: I’d guess folks were just waiting for you to break the seal, @chardonMN. Notification for our daughter actually came first via mail, as the big envelope was delivered about an hour before the 4pm portal release time — she absolutely lost her mind at the news, and we’re thrilled for her.

That said, once the portal opened… we clicked through to the financial aid doc and saw that the answer there was no merit aid. While we weren’t really counting on it, we certainly had our fingers crossed (esp. after she got substantial merit from a pair of EA schools). Guess I’ll have to double down on my becoming-a-millionaire-via-scratch-tickets strategy.

So: one twin down, one to go…

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Congrats! My son is happy. He also got big merit already elsewhere, but I was hoping for at least some small token here. GC had said merit was also given in ED, but perhaps GC was wrong. Or, the applicant pool is way stronger than last year and my S wasn’t at the top.

We have not received anything by snail mail yet.

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Would you mind sharing stats @BlueLobster and @chardonMN either on this thread or privately by a DM? TIA.

can’t DM you for some reason, try sending me one?

Sorry @1dadinNC — same experience as @chardonMN… when I click on your username to send a message, I get an error saying your public profile is hidden (and we can’t send DMs as a result). Let me know if you update your profile and I’ll be happy to respond, for whatever it’s worth.

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I sent you a DM. Thanks!

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