Lebow v. Smeal v. Gabelli

<p>I was recently accepted to LeBow, Smeal, and Gabelli and I was wondering which has a better Finance/International Business program. Additionally, after I graduate I would really like to have a job hahah. School size doesn't matter much and neither does location. I'm looking more at academics and reputation. Any help would be appreciated!</p>

<p>Bump anybody?</p>

<p>Amy advice anybody?</p>

<p>Might I suggest that location may in fact matter? You want to be in an area that is accessible to internships and other practical experiences. An international community would be a nice plus, as would a strong study abroad program.</p>

<p>Thanks Lynx, I'm looking into that too and I've started asking admissions/faculty about that! Anybody else have advice?</p>