Little Heart

Any chance you can move that little heart at the top next to my avatar to some other location. Everytime I hit my avatar to see the post noted by a little blue number, I hit that heart.

What is that heart for anyway? It just appeared there today.

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I saw it a couple of weeks ago, then it disappeared and just reappeared today. I think it’s if you get a like on a post. @CCAdminMike

I absolutely do not need this heart. At all. If it’s to let me know if people like my posts or I like theirs, I don’t need that at all. How can I delete it.

No idea. Sorry. Mike will have more info.

The little heart is a new feature we’re piloting to create a college list. This has been something many users have asked us to bring back. We are moving towards the ability for anyone to create a college list, then share it with someone else. This would allow our users (especially senior members) to curate their own lists based on their specialized knowledge (e.g. best colleges for chemical engineering, colleges with great mental health services) and share them with the community. It is in the early stages, but it’s something we’re excited about.

That is not the ultimate location of the heart, but it is there right now for visibility. In the future, it will likely be in the hamburger menu.

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I’m so confused. How would this work?

I’ll circle back soon with some clear documentation about the heart and its purpose. Stay tuned!

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