LMU Deferred/Waitlisted 2025

Hey everyone! I just wanted to make this forum for people who have been waitlisted for LMU either if they applied EA or RD. This is a safe space where we can connect with others, compare scores, give updates & support! :))


Deferred for Biology here! Let’s hope for a positive result on March! Our decision isn’t reflective of our abilities, we are poised to magnify our potential regardless of our decisions :star_struck:

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Well said! I just emailed the admissions team a letter of continued interest, which I heard can make a big difference. Just wanted to let everyone know because it might help our chances.

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Deferred for International Relations! Really hoping for a positive result in the regular rounds. Being deferred hurtsss but I’ve really been trying to tell myself that I would be successful regardless of where I go.

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When does deferred normally hear back? Does anyone know from any applicants last year? My letter said between January till April 1st, but I’m not sure if it’s rolling and if so what order decisions would come out in. Not sure if anyone can answer this, but I was just curious. I also submitted a letter of continued interest.

Hi there! My DS was deferred EA to RD at LMU for film. Today he got an email from LMU, saying that his decision would be ready by Mid-March. Did anyone else get this?

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I did!

I just got an email back saying that the latest I’ll hear back is mid-March. However, the other day I got a “status update” on my app, telling me once again that I’m being deferred. I think they evaluate your app every month until mid-March.

I got the same status update! I was so confused lol but it’s definitely relieving to know it wasn’t just a glitch in my portal

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I received that status update also a few weeks ago about the deferral again, but I didn’t receive an email about mid-march decisions this week. I sent my mid year / fall semester grades very recently along with my continued interest letter. Are they only sending that email out to come applicants?

Try checking your spam or just searching for LMU in the search box of your email. Some emails, for me at least, were getting put into random folders.

Hey, everyone! This is just a guess, but I think It’s possible that we’ll get a status update sometime this week if you’ve submitted your 2nd semester grades.

I got my deferral notice on December 18th and my portal update on January 16th. Based on that, I think it’s possible that we could get an update later in the week. My guess is Friday (the 19th) or Saturday (the 20th), but who knows :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t think I’ll get in (due to my grades), but I just wanted to tell everyone my prediction to hopefully ease some tension. Best of luck to you all!

That would be great! Praying for us to hear at least something by the end of this week. I sent my grades in a few weeks ago so fingers crossed for everyone!

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Same here, good luck y’all!

Has anyone heard anything?

Nope nothing yet.

I feel like if it was today it would’ve come out by now :frowning:

Hmmm, that’s true. I think we could definitely here sometime this weekend. But we should all know by early April, regardless.

Does anyone know what the notification date was for RD at LMU last year?