Looking for a prep boarding school with loads of LD support

My name is Allison. My son Patrick is attending a boarding school here in Canada. The school is a preppy, normal school. Patrick has an LD. The school does not have enough support to help him. He is failing a couple of courses. I think we have to change schools. He is also American so I am looking for a preppy kinda boarding school filled with reguler kids with a really strong LD support program. Any thoughts?</p>

<p>You might find a wider audience in the Prep-school Forum:
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<p>Good luck in your search and to your son!</p>

<p>One suggestion would be The</a> Marvelwood School in Kent, CT.</p>

<p>Cushing Academy.</p>

<p>Brewster </p>


<p>One of my sons is severely dyslexic. He attended an out of district LD middle school before returning to district (where he is doing very well). Anyway, one of his classmates from the LD school is at Marvelwood and I understand that he is doing well and really enjoying it. </p>

<p>Good luck with your search.</p>

<p>I live in California. My friend has three children who went to Landmark, just outside of Boston. All three did very well there. It is a preppy type boarding school specifically for kids with LD including ADD, ADHD, etc. My friend is pretty wealthy, I would imagine it isn't cheap but they all did well. The oldest graduated and is attending community college locally. The other two are still there in HS now and have made great friends, etc. I don't think I can post a link but landmarkschool.org in Beverly MA.</p>

<p>I would recommend 2 schools for your son who has an LD- Brewster Academy and Proctor Academy. Both have a tremendous reputation for working with students with an LD.</p>