Loyola Maryland - Early Action 2024


I haven’t seen any threads for Loyola Maryland EA yet, so I figured I might start one! :slight_smile: Has anyone heard anything about when decisions might be released? Also share your stats and majors!

Last year they came out on the 19th of December even though website says January 15th so who knows!!

My daughter is waiting to hear also.
1390 SAT
4.25 GPA
5 AP’s
Soccer, 5 clubs, volunteer work, etc. yad yada yada… :slight_smile:

wow impressive is she applying for the honors college?

My daughter is waiting to hear as well and right now I think it’s her first choice…
33 ACT
96.45% GPA (her schools doesn’t do a 4 point scale)
5 APs
Latin and Spanish Honors
Drama, Glee, Yearbook, volunteer work, etc.

She received an email saying based on her application they invited her to apply to Honors program, which she is submitting in next 2 days.

We are anxiously awaiting the decision!

Does anyone know when the decisions are released?

Last year decisions were released on 12/19 around 6 pm. So hopefully next week!

@“IMPATIENT MOM” I hope so I haven’t heard back from any schools yet so that would be nice

studiousstudent0…thanks. Yes, she is applying to the Honors program. I’ve heard Loyola gives a lot of scholarship $. But at $60,000+ it’s still pretty expensive even with the scholarship money. We’ll see. Good luck!

Anyone know when they plan to announce EA decisions?

I thought maybe today because so many schools released EA today. We got three acceptances in one day, way early! Guess not.

Just received an email that said decisions will be released tomorrow at 6 pm!

Applicant status page looks different than it’s been since my son applied. Hopefully that means decisions are being made soon.

Has anyone who has gotten a status update been denied or deferred?

@ydneys i don’t think anyone’s heard back yet

My daughter got an email from Loyola yesterday that said they would hear today at 6:00 pm

Decisions come out tonight at 6PM!!!

Should I be worried that I didn’t get an email from them or anything saying decisions come out at 6Pm?? I’m soo scared

My son received an email yesterday. I would imagine anyone who applied EA will receive a portal update at 6 pm today.

I got the same email!